Autism Curriculum

Dr. Robek's Autism ABA Curriculum

As an established technique in the treatment of autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been shown to greatly improve social and learning skills. Based on decades of research as well as her own clinical experience, Dr. Robek introduces her ABA Curriculum, one of the most comprehensive collections of ABA programs available online.


ABA’s effectiveness in treating autism has been thoroughly established in several studies since its creation. Dr. Robek’s ABA Curriculum is further validated by her own experience and academic background.


The ABA Curriculum introduces personalization with the programs’ Criteria for Mastery, which can be adjusted to each child’s specific needs. The programs are also printed using the child’s name.


Dr. Robek’s ABA Curriculum is the perfect, cost-efficient solution to introduce first-class ABA techniques without straining your budget. Returning users get a special discount!

User friendly

Get the most out of your ABA treatment sessions with Autism ABA Curriculum's user-friendly, straightforward techniques.

Dr. Adrienne Robek, author of the Autism ABA Curriculum

Dr. Adrienne Robek, BCBA-D

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