Autism authority
Dr. Adrienne Robek has conducted research and provided ABA services for people on the autism spectrum for more than 15 years.
Diagnostics and treatment
Dr. Robek provides an array of services that range from the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders to the development of home-based ABA services.
ABA expert
Dr. Robek has developed two home-based programs in New York City and one center-based program in Doha, Qatar that provide high quality services to hundreds of families with children on the autism spectrum.
Scholar and educator
Dr. Robek provides supervision for masters-level students who study Applied Behavior Analysis at The Sage Colleges, School of Education in New York.
International volunteer
Dr. Robek has worked as a volunteer, presenting workshops in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and training therapists in Chandigarh, India.
Widespread recognition
Dr. Robek's experience with hundreds of patients and her extensive academic background make her one of the leading experts on ABA.